Workshop on Soft Skills & Personality Development on 27-Oct-2018 All are Invited.

Workshop on Soft Skills & Personality Development on 27-Oct-2018.


To provide the best practical oriented training to eradicate the factors which create   barriers for trainees and to make trainees fit as per the today’s corporate requirement.

(Soft Skills & Personality Development)

 Positive attitude, Positive thinking, Positive thought strategies,

  • Interpersonal skills, Perception, motivation
  • Art of Speaking
  • E-mails
  • & telephone etiquettes Body language, Rules of handshaking
  • Interpersonal Skills, Team work
  • Group dynamics
  • & Team Building Killing Nervousness
  • & Building Confidence

Voice & Accent

  • Accent Neutralization
  • Elimination of Mother Tongue Influence (MTI)
  • Rules of Intonations



  • Career Stages
  • Exploration stage
  • Establishment stage
  • Maintenance stage
  • Late career stage


  • Importance of Career Planning


  • Career Planning


  • Encourage career planning process
  • Assess realism of student’s plans,
  • Provide information to students about career planning resources, and career
  • development opportunities such as job openings, training programs, and rotation assignments.