Bachelor of Science in Biotechnology (B.Sc. – Biotechnology) is one of the most advanced academic degree courses among the science students after class 12th. The duration of B.Sc. (Bio-Technology) degree course is 3 years. The B.Sc. (Bio-Tech) degree course is a graduate degree course in Science. This course forms the basis of science and comprises of the subjects like Biotech, Botany and Chemistry. After the completion of the B.Sc. degree there are various options available for the science students, they can go for Masters Degree in Either Biotech, Botany and Chemistry. Biotechnology introduced a whole new approach to drug development that did not easily integrate into the chemically-focused approach most of the established pharmaceutical companies were using. After M.Sc. Go in a research area and can even look for professional and technical job oriented courses. Often, in some reputed universities or colleges in India and abroad the students are recruited directly by big MNC’s after their completion of the course.