Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) is one of the oldest and well known undergraduate academic programs in the world. It is commonly known as BA which is a three year program in India. 

The greatest advantage of pursuing the arts program is unlike the Engineering and Science field. The learning options for the graduates are not limited to any specific areas and the scope of specialization is large for the BA holder. It also increases the employment opportunity of the graduate. The major universities in the country are offering the Bachelor of Arts courses in various subjects. 

The Arts course is considered to be a flexible course that permits the student to choose a course which is best match for their career interest. A wide category of courses are available in the arts program. In the arts subjects there is no restriction regarding the selection of specialization, which is not the case of the other specialized fields. The course will impart the general as well as the vital skills to the candidates, which support the future career aspirations. It also improves the learners analytical, research and communication skills. The post graduate options as well as the career options available to the arts graduates are huge, which is yet another advantage of the degree. 





Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)

5.Political Science
6.Economics                          7.Psychology


 3 Years