To provide quality education to all aspiring students through meaningful academic and professional courses keeping in mind the special needs of the economically, educationally and socially disadvantaged segment of the society.

Critical thinking, independent decision making and creative problem solving.

To encourage and promote moral, secular, scientific and nation-building values so that the students respect, protect and nurture the rich composite culture of the country and of each of its constituent units.

The ability to work individually and collaboratively.

To help students to discover and tap their fullest potential through appropriate co- and extra-curricular activities leading to integrated personality-development in order to become responsible and productive citizens of the country.

An understanding of spiritual and ethical values including an awareness of the Vedic, medieval and contemporary world.

To continually evaluate and appraise every facet of the College’s programs to ensure relevance to the needs of the employment community, effective preparation of students for success in career and compatibility with the College’s standards.

The ability to be sensitive to the cultural and environmental issues and contributing to their sustenance.

The development of leadership skills in establishing healthy relationships.